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Who Is Nobody? – Haven’t you heard?

Montague PS Remembrance AssemblyNobody is at Montague Public School!

Nobody is a new, very special, member of our school community. Just ask your kids!

Who Is Nobody is a unique programme designed to build character through helping other living things. This programme helps develop social responsibility throughout our school.

In October a special suitcase arrived at our school, and inside was Nobody. Our Nobody has no home, has no family, has no character, and our job is to change all of that!

Montague PS - SuticaseThrough character building activities, each class will help Nobody become Somebody, somebody very special. As Nobody helps us help others he will have a token attached to him to remind him of how special he is. He already helped the school participate in the Terry Fox Walk and had a little shoe attached to him. He also helped the Grade 6s with a special guest speaker. I hear his audience behaviour was impeccable!

On Friday, November 9th Nobody attended our Remembrance Day assembly to honor veterans who have fought for freedom all over the world. Not only was he touched by the presentations made by students he was proud of their respectful behaviour.

Montague PS - Terry Fox WalkIf you would like more information about this project visit

Your son or daughter will be having Nobody visit their class at some point during the year. So stay tuned to see what Nobody does next!


This article was published on the Montague Public School Website in September 2007

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