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Canadian Living - May 2011 - CoverEverybody can make a difference: that’s the lesson Kelly Clark wanted to teach her students and the reason she came up with the NOBODY mascot – a denim figure that has no interests, abilities, age, gender, ethnic or cultural identity, friends or character.

The mascot becomes somebody when students in elementary and high school classrooms add 3-D attachments to it, symbolizing their work on charitable or community-building projects.

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Canadian Living -  May 2011 - Who Is NOBODY? article

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This article was published in the Canadian Living Magazine – Issue May 2011

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One Response to “WHO'S NOBODY?”

  1. On April 19, 2011 at 8:34 pm Dave Palmer responded with... #

    With just a few kind thoughts about incorporating the acts of kindness and sharing into an effort to show that anybody can participate and make a difference, this wonderful program, “Who is Nobody” (WIN) has become a tremendous educational program for teachers and students everywhere.
    WIN is exactly that, a win-win-win educational program that makes a difference for everyone. The students learn the benefits of individual efforts that become team-work efforts in bringing their projects together to be a part of making “Nobody become a Somebody”.
    Kindness coupled with education, literacy and communication help to build wonderful and lasting social skills and character of the students at the same time contributing to a worthy endeavour.
    Just an awesome WIN for all.
    Best regards,
    Dave W. Palmer, CD
    President of the Rotary Club of Arnprior

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