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Who Is… KIVA? Amazing Student VIDEO

Familyties cast - Who Is NOBODY?

Growing up I was a huge Family Ties Fan!

I loved all the characters in the show and who they have become off screen.

We all have a cause near and dear to us – something that affects someone we love or something that we have read about that really draws us in.

Micheal J. Fox is such a fantastic role model.  He has been advocating for Parkinson’s since his diagnosis by creating awareness and also raising funds.  If he did Who Is NOBODY? I wonder what he would add to represent his project and help turn NOBODY into SOMEBODY?

School TV and VCR Stand - Who Is NOBODY?Mallory, played by Justine Bateman was another one of my favourite actors on the show.  Being a teacher, I always think of her whenever I play a DVD because she had the following great line: ‘You know school’s going to be good when your teacher rolls in the VCR!’

A picture says a 1000 words, so how many does a moving picture say?

I think it’s great to mix up teaching methods with audio-visual once in a while.  Hours and hours go into every minute of a well-made documentary, old news footage or a movie about the topic you are teaching.  Playing a relevant DVD can be an effective way to wrap a chapter you’ve taught by pulling in all the lose ends and presenting it in an exciting format that stimulates the senses.

The other day I logged onto the Who Is NOBODY? Facebook Page and saw a video posted by an awesome student named Ozzy and to concur with Mallory, I knew it was going to be good.

Ozzy’s message is:

Helping people is fun & Kiva makes it easy!

Do you know anyone who has helped to empower people around the world with a Kiva Loan?

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  1. On January 9, 2013 at 10:32 pm Stan Hart (Ozzy's Dad) responded with... #

    Nobody is still on lending money to those in need whenever he can. Ariunbold raised enough to get his eco-friendly taxi but there are people all over the world who could use some help. If you do decide to join Kiva and help (remember you get to lend $25 dollars for FREE as a promotional credit), use Nobody’s link:
    and Nobody can lend another $25 to somebody else. All the information you need to know about and how it works is there too.

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