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Stayner students learn character traits from ‘Nobody’

January 31, 2015 Stayner Collegiate - Who Is NOBODY?

A group of Stayner Collegiate students have spent the last four months learning what it takes to...

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Social projects help students grow

April 8, 2014 Who Is NOBODY? - Chatham Christian Schools

Dr. Wendy Edwards, a paediatrician, and her husband Keith Hindmarsh sponsor a Who Is NOBODY? kit...

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Character development program helps Dewitt Carter students learn to give back

February 6, 2014 Who Is NOBODY? - DSBN - Character Education

Mauryah Burattini, a Brock University student in teacher’s college heard about Who Is NOBODY? and...

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Nobody doll helps kids find their Somebodys

November 13, 2013 Learning Disabilities Association Of Niagara - Who Is Nobody?

Sometimes, there's no need for words. Especially when you're seven years old, trying to explain how...

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