Completed Projects

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Who is NOBODY? - Examples

1 School-wide collection of empty ink jet cartridges sold to recycling company, giving proceeds to food bank
2 Donated toys to children who don’t have any
3 Picked up litter at neighbourhood park
4 School-wide collection of used toys sent home with a relative from the Dominican Republic to give to children who don’t have any
5 Made video about wetlands explaining importance of preservation
6 Took responsibility for watering garden
7 Played piano at benefit concert collecting food for food bank
8 Explained poverty experienced by homeland, Peru to classmates
9 Had lemonade stand to raise money for heart and stroke after grandfather had a stroke
10 Family put 25 cents in a jar every time a book was read until they collected $40, then adopted a tiger
11 Bought food for the food bank by saving allowance
12 School-wide bake sale to raise money for WWF
13 Encouraged class to walk to school to get exercise and help the environment
14 Explained dinosaur extinction to class
15 Organized class-effort to clean school walls
16 Cleaned local park with sister, cousin & mom
17 Collected pop tabs to give to organization that sells them to a recycling company and proceeds buy wheelchairs
18 Told class about homeland, Japan
19 Donated clothes to Goodwill
20 Raised awareness about child labour by making pamphlets
21 Sold frozen treats during recess and raised money for children’s operations in the developing world
22 Baked cookies for neighbours
23 Discussed C.N.I.B. and explained how father is blind
24 Planted flowers at front of apartment building for all to enjoy
25 Organized whole-class garbage collection at recess

Hover over each 3D attachment to see how NOBODY became SOMEBODY

Who is GREEN? - Examples

1 Organized a school-wide “Get-to-School-by-Going-Green” Day (whole-class start-up initiative
2 Painted a picture for the YMCA to display the chain reaction caused by bees disappearing
3 Created fridge magnet for each classmate to see list of small changes, i.e. reusing water bottles
4 Requested one photo from each classmate to make a “Why We Love the Environment” Collage
5 Hung posters in local stores encouraging people to keep green spaces green
6 Wrote a song about the importance of saving the earth
7 Dried flowers to make potpourri (vs. heavily packaged air fresheners)
8 Recorded easy ways to be green and read over the announcements at school
9 Encouraged students with baby brothers or sisters to use reusable diapers one day a week
10 Researched energy saved by air-drying clothes vs. tumble-drying clothes
11 Made a classroom display highlighting locally grown foods to avoid emissions from transportation
12 Brought an apple for each classmate and asked them to plant the seeds in their garden that night
13 Discussed walking instead of driving even when it is inconvenient
14 Administrated a petition to send to the government against electronic having a standby mode
15 Used birthday money to buy each classmate a grocery bad that is reusable
16 Designed an “Everyday Energy Waste” Website i.e. number of coffee cups disposed of each day
17 Posted a chart at home to log time in shower and mark family improvements and energy saved
18 Persuaded mom to stop buying paper towels and use reusable alternatives
19 Washed cutlery at church picnic after writing a persuasive letter to stop using disposable items
20 Made water conservation announcements at school i.e. turn tap off while brushing teeth
21 Made a picture collage of household cleaning items (80+) that can be replaced by vinegar
22 Fined each family member 10 cents per paper found in garbage ($6.60 towards WWF)
23 Gave energy smart bulbs to family members for birthday gifts
24 Recycled books by organizing each classmate in finding and presenting one to a younger student

Some of the organizations and causes students have helped
over the first 10 years

As many as 2000 initiatives have been completed per organization or cause

WWF (World Wildlife Foundation)
World Vision (Glasses & child sponsor)
Heart & Stroke Foundation
Humane Society
Anti-Bullying Hotline
Food Bank
Council of Jewish Women (Kosher Food Bank)
RAFT (Resource Association for Teens)
Lady Bug Foundation (for the homeless)
Salvation Army
JDRF (Junior Diabetes Research Fund)
Women’s Place
St. Vincent De Paul
Niagara Peninsula Children’s Centre
Red Cross Association
United Way
Scott Mission
Bloorview McMillan Centre
CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the
Canadian Diabetes Association
James Birrell Fund (Cancer: Neuroblastoma)
Sick Kids Hospital
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Oasis Clothing Bank
MS Read-a-thon
Cell Phone Collection
Misiones Salesianas
Green Peace
Children’s Foundation
Play it Again Sports
Aga Khan Foundation
Canadian Cancer Society
Angel Hair For Kids Foundation
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Bay Crest Centre
Toronto District School Board
Toronto Zoo (Endangered Species Division)
Sir Adam Beck Daycare
Free The Children

Earth Rangers

POGO (Pediatric Oncology of Ontario)
Humber River Hospital Foundation
Tender Care (Nursing Home)
Blind Research Center (TO General Hospital)
Autism Society Canada
York Region Children’s Centre
Kidney Foundation
Value Village
Mavis Road Homeless Shelter
Interval House
Cross Zone Youth Hostel (Homeless youth)
Zack’s Walk for Comfort (Founded by
Raising the Roof
Smith Integrative Brain Tumour Research
Botanical Gardens Conservation Program
Guatemala Stove Project
Gulu Charity Walk
Grenada Relief Fund
Guangzhou Zoo (Endangered Panda Bears)
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of
Ronald McDonald Charity
New Orleans Hurricane Relief
Eglinton Centre
Canadian International Hearing Services
Mayor Miller’s Community Clean Up
Lieutenant Governor’s Book Drive
Christie-Ossington Homeless Shelter
Bloor Gladstone Library
Liver Disease Foundation
OFOCP (Ontario Federation of Cerebral Palsy)

Walmart Glasses Collection for developing

KARE (Cancer Research)
Jane Goodall Organization
Children’s Wish Foundation
Peregrine Falcon Foundation
Blythwood Charity
Elija’s Kite Organization (Bullying)
Bliss (Premature Baby Charity)
Campbell’s Labels for Education
Nature Canada
Georgina Cares
P.A.W.S. Shelter for Animals
Cops for Cancer – Pedal For Hope
Pratham Organization (Shoes for Children
in India)
Toys for Tots
The Gathering Place
Run for the Cure
Hospitals (Children’s Hospital of
Eastern ON, McMaster’s Children’s, Newmarket Health Center, SouthLake,
York General, Humber River, North York General, St. Margaret’s, SunnyBrook
Neonatal Unit, Cobourg, Lakeridge Oncology Deptartment)
Second Harvest
Terry Fox Run
Juvenile Arthritis Organization
Blood Services
GGHG (Governor Generals Horse Guide)
Bowmanville Zoo
Locks of Love
Shelter of Hope
Adopt a Soldier
Lesotho Program
Canadian Police Canine Association
Stirling Community Cupboard
Toronto German Shepherd RESCUE

Carrol Program (Eye glasses to developing

30 Hour Famine
Heart to Hand
Covenant House
H.O.P.E. Cat Adoption Program
King Street Cat Hospital
ASC (Asthma Society of Canada)
Children’s Aids Society
Denise House Woman’s Shelter
Settlement House
Community Care
Early Year’s Centre
March of Dimes
Canadian Legion
Friend’s of Shakespeare’s Church
Stephen Lewis Foundation
Wildlife Warriors
Community in Bloom
Foster Child Foundation
Cat Rescue
Ride for Heart
NWIC (No Whales In Captivity)
St. Albans
The Stop
Feed The Children
Time Out
Right to Play
Block Parents
Bethlehem Place
Kol Hope Foundation (Trisomy Chromosome
Hope Woman’s Shelter
Sleeping Children Around the World
Blockbuster Soldier Program
Giving Tree
African Aids Orphans Awareness Program
Children’s Miracle Network
MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
Big Brothers
Almost Home
Rose of Sharon
Bob Hartwell Run
Millbrook Christian Assembly
Alderville Woman’s Shelter
CCRF (Canadian Cardiac Rehabilitation Foundation)
Global Sports Organization
TAGS Animal Rescue
Smith Lake Cancer Unit
Black River Foundation
Hospice Georgina
Yellow Brick house
Neomat Abused Women
Toxic Taxi
New Leaf
Shelter of Hope Animal Shelter
Amnesty International
Jumpstart Program
Habitat for Humanity
Plan Canada – Mosquito Nets in Uganda
St. Timonth’s Church Food Bank
Operation Christmas Child
Scouts Canada Tree Planting
Muslim Welfare Association
Whitby Animal Association
Children’s Aids Society
Lynde Shaw Conservation Area
Special Olympics
Rose of Durham
Toronto Fire Department Food Drive
Lions Club Sunglass Organization
Make A Wish Foundation
Swish For the Cure
Ajax Hospital
Algonquin Park
Whitby Mental Centre
Medic Alert
Blood Services
FAAN – Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Network
Cranberry Marsh Clean-Up
Wild Spaces for Wild Species Foundation
Earth Angels Tree Planting Foundation
St. Vincent’s Kitchen
Michael Box
War Amps
Time Horton’s Food Drive
Whitby Animal Shelter
The ClothesLine
Catholic Family Services
Y’s Wish
Raise a Reader
Alzheimer’s Society
Simcoe Hall
Discs for Dogs
Lung Association
Windreach Farm
March of Plenty Food Drive
Kiva Loans
Veteran Fund
Bellwood Clothes Collection
Jump Rope for Heart
Kids in Need
Hearth Place – Cancer Support
Lens Crafters Gift of Sight Collection
Angel Hair
Toronto Breakfast Program
Markham Senior Home
Mickney Centre
Pantene Hair Donation
Muslim Women & Children Centre
Simcoe Settlement After School Program
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary
Megan’s Walk
Lion’s Club Pop Tab Drive for Wheel Chairs
Allergy and Asthma Awareness Association
Herbie Foundation
Kids Help Phone
Sun Coast Seaboard Sanctuary
Earth Day
Environmental Protection Agency
Village Union School
Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy
ARK – Animal Rescue Krew
Whitby Fire Department Food Drive
Life Outreach International
Spread the Net
Unite for Sight
Wayne Gretzky Foundation
Mathew House
Karen Refugees
Kids cut for Cancer
Eastern Star and Shiners
Canadian Peregrine Foundation
Community of Bobcaygen
Welland Skating Club
Princess Margaret Foundation
Cerebral Palsy
Agape Centre
Speech and Language Foundation
Canadian Blood Society
OakRidges Moraine Association
Community Living
Time Out Organizaiton
Nellie’s House
Baldwine House
Children’s Help Fund
March of Dimes
K9 Animal Rescue
Kids for Cotlands
The Ottawa Mission
ALS Foundation
Adam Harlowe Fellowship Foundation
Canadian Guide Dogs
Family and Children’s Services
Rotary International
Guide Horse Foundation
Wild Bird Care Centre
New Moon Rabbit Rescue
Child Haven International
Bell Walk for Kids
Samaritan’s Purse
Bridge Hospice
Canadian Food Grains Bank
Guide Dogs for the Blind
Otonabee Region Conservation Authority
Earth Hour
Loaves & Fishes
Big Sky Animal Sanctuary
Ontario Federation of Anglens and Hauters
PDSA Animal Charts
Golden Opportunity Organization
Little Havens
Patchwork Butterfly
Women for Women in Afganistan
Keep a Child Alive
Bethesda House
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Share Life
Save the Children
Monkey Sanctuary
Big Cat Rescue
Interval House
Water Aid
Monarch Butterfly Foundation
Women’s Shelter in Etobicoke
AntiViolence Program
Global Village
Hope Alliance
The Autism Society of ON
Hospital Auxilary
Toronto Wildlife Shelter
ONE Laptop Per Child
Annex Cat Rescue
British Heart Foundation
Giving Tree Org
Elora Legion
Osgoode Nursing Home
The Snowsuit Fund
Toy Mountain
Animal Rescue
Village Kitten Rescue
Drinking & Driving
Child Labour
Physical, Sexual & Drug Abuse
Endangered & Extinct Animals (Clean beaches,
stamp series, etc.)
Pet Therapy at Nursing Homes
Volunteer at Visit Nursing Home
Preserving Habitats (Wetlands, Penguin, etc.)
School, Neighbourhood, Local Park & Graffiti
Clean Up
Helping Neighbours (Walking dogs, baking cookies,
old clothes, etc.)
Tutoring a Younger Student (School work/sports)
Planting Flowers and Trees
Pop Tabs for Wheelchairs
Greenhouse Effect
Global Warming
Pollution (Garbage in water, driving cars,
battery disposal, etc.)
Forest & Nature Preservation
Animal Rights (Puppy mills, de-clawing cats,
seal hunting, etc.)
Shoveling Snow/Raking Leaves/Mowing Lawn, etc.
for others in need
Making Gifts for Seniors at Nursing Home
Toys for Tsunami Orphans
Environment (Hybrid Cars, Front Load Washers,
Energy Efficiency, etc.)
Responsibilities at Home
Children in Dominican Republic, Peru, Iraq,
Orphans in Bangladesh, Ukraine, Malawi
Walk or Bike to School (Environment & Health)
Health (Exercise & Nutrition)
Missionary in Africa
Local Volunteer Time and Donations (Library,
church, daycare, etc.)
Responsibilities at School
Understanding a spectrum of abilities (Spina
Bifida, etc.)
Clothes & Toy Collection for a Local
Family at Christmas
Awareness around being Visually Impaired
People (Ikaluit, Darfur, Armenia, Africa, Sri
Lanka, El Salvador, Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras, Rwanda, Guatemala)
Stressing Importance of Education
Recycled Art Supplies for Street Kids
Cancer Research & Awareness (Skin Cancer,
Breast Cancer, Leukemia)
Hospital Volunteer
Safety (Fire, bike, etc.)
Peace Effort
Petition Against Immigration Fees
Stereotypes & Racism in Sports
Education is a Human Right
World Poverty
Appreciation (I.e. Brought cookies and cards
to: Police, Fire Fighters, Nurses, etc.)
Over Fishing Awareness
Information about Animals (zebras, etc.)
Drug Store Collection Containers – add Pennies
– every little bit helps
Inclusiveness (not excluding & bullying)
Rabies Awareness
Organic Foods
Celebrate Music & the Arts
Funds for Skaters
Taught Sign Language to Peers
Soldiers in Afghanistan
Fair Trade
Importance of Friendship
Virtues of Brownies & Other Community
Greater Community Garbage Pick-Up
Taekwondo Awareness
Book Drive
Allergy Awareness
Litterless Lunch
Fundraising for a community defibrillator (Skating
arena, Ski Hill, etc.)
Family Time
Importance of Respect
Awareness of Organizations to help Applying Family Business Skills to Community
Caring for Living Things i.e. Pet
Respect Community
Started a club
Local Group home
Celebrate Diversity
Disposed Expired medication Safely
Public Library
Learn a Skill (sewing)
Importance of Remembrance Day
Community Centre
Second Hand Clothing Store Donation
Wheel Chair Accessible Playground
Supporting Young Mothers
Premature Babies
Place of Worship
Beef Farmer Awareness
Post Hurricane Relief
Countries in Need (Egypt, Sir Lanka, Kenya)
Mitten Drive
Dental Health Awareness
Crones Disease
House League Sport Awareness
Fundraising (New Ability Centre, etc.)
Reducing Junk Mail to Help Trees
Horse Rescue
Hummingbird Awareness & Start-up Kit
Alzheimer’s Disease
Retired Police Horse
Importance of Literacy
AIDS In Africa
Church Toy Drive
Hearing Loss Prevention
Built Bird Houses
Reducing (Waste, Emmisions, etc.)
First Aid Concepts
Social Skills
Morning Breakfast Program
Toys for Children 2
Foster Care Relief Family
Grieving Family Support
Chocolate for Charity
Healthy Lifestyle
Assisted Ski Patrolling to help others
Change Bill S-203 (petition)
Stop War (petition to PM)
Against Immigration Fees (petition)

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