What is the Who Is NOBODY? education program…

Who Is NOBODY? is a literacy-based bullying prevention program for Grades 1 – 12 that applies the curriculum to real-life experiences. Students build self-esteem by discovering their strengths and using them to help the community in a personal way. Each participant experiences not being a bystander by helping somebody else.

Who Is NOBODY? teaches students that EVERYBODY is SOMEBODY! It is easy to set up with any age or ability level, self-running over the entire school year, the resources are reusable and the impact is tangible.

How does it work?

The program begins when a mysterious package arrives in the post that says:


Inside, along with 25+ support materials, is NOBODY, a blue denim doll that has no interests, abilities, age, gender, ethnic or cultural identity, friends or character.

Students find out that:

Each week a different student brings NOBODY and the program resources home to follow the 5 Top Secret Who Is NOBODY? Steps that support students in discovering their interests and using them to build a project that helps the community.

41 000 Recorded Projects (to date) range from:

  • Creating an anti-tobacco campaign to encourage students not to smoke
  • Collecting towels school-wide to recycle and donate to a local animal shelter
  • Researching how to build a compost and designing a pamphlet with instructions for classmates
Who Is NOBODY? - nobody and completed scrabook

What is the result?

Each participant reflects, documents, shares, celebrates and inspires their peers by:

  1. NOBODY becoming SOMEBODY!
    Adding an attachment to NOBODY that represents their project and reflects EVERYBODY’S unique interests
  2. Class Scrapbook
    Writing a story and drawing a picture that goes in the class Scrapbook
  3. Class Presentation
    Describing how they put their interests into action, reading their story to the class and explaining what their attachment represents
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