Brookside PS - Avon Maitland District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

The Grade 3 students at Brookside Public School have been at it again. They have been showing others that Anybody can be Somebody Who Cares! Using the ageless, genderless, nameless blue doll known as Nobody, students have embarked on simple acts of kindness to prove that just by doing little things they can make a big difference. Students have been helping other people, the environment and animals in so many ways. Each week a different student gets to take home the Nobody doll, do something to help someone or something, then add a momento to the doll and add a page to the scrapbook. To learn more about program, visit for details. The students have shared some of their experiences:

For my Nobody project I helped people by giving people choices on how to spend time with family and friends. I put two little dolls holding hands on Nobody. It made me feel good because some people do not spend enough time with their family!

Our class helped the kindergarten students learn how to read. Some of them like to read so they enjoyed working with us. That made us feel good. To help them read, some of us would go to the kindergarten room with letters and words for them to practice.

By: Grace Bordman for Grade 3
For my Nobody project, I helped the polar bears by raising money on I raised $200. I added a polar bear pop can to Nobody. My project helped the polar bears by raising money to help save their habitat. It made me feel proud and happy for them that I helped them live longer because of the melting ice.

By Keaton Shaw
Share books so you can read a new book and don’t have to read the book over and over again. Our class had a book swap. You could switch a book or pay 25 cents to buy a different book. It helps us get new books and it helps the environment too. We are going to donate the money we raised to our pen pals in Ethiopia, Africa.

By: Brett Alton for Grade 3
When I helped Nobody I helped my calf. I fed him because the mom and the baby want to grow big. I added a cow to Nobody. It made me feel happy that I fed him.

By Eric Rintoul
I did my project on Earth Rangers to raise money for the American Badger. I added a picture of an American Badger to Nobody. This made me feel happy. I love animals. If you want to help, go to Make an account for the America Badger and collect money to help it.

By: Wes Tucker
For my Nobody project I told people about is a website where you answer questions and win rice for the starving people in the world. It helps the starving people by giving them food because they can’t get their own healthy food. They get bad water and food. It helps more people survive when you play. It will also makes you feel great helping other people.

By: Monica
My Nobody project My Nobody project was a blast Nobody and I helped the birds by putting up bird houses .I put bird feed on Nobody. I like having Nobody around . I felt great because I helped the birds.

By: Nathan.Pentland
For my Nobody project, I helped the earth by picking up garbage in the ditch. I added a recycling pin to nobody. This makes me feel kind because it helps the earth a lot. A lot of people just throw garbage out their window. Please stop throwing garbage out your window. It harms the earth, the animals and it looks gross!

By Sean Hogan
For My Nobody Project I helped Because I am a GIRL Foundation. I added a pin to nobody and the pin said Because I am a GIRL on it. I helped girls in Africa. I gave one Family fresh water and more. My mom and I made skor bars, cookies and more. We set up a table at the arena during practice so people could have a treat or a coffee for a donation. I raised about $175 for girls in Africa.

By Claire Howard
For my nobody project I helped the S.P.C.A. animals. I added a sticker of a cat to nobody because I mostly helped cats because cats was mostly what they had. I helped the cats and the people that worked there because they were low on cat food. I got the cat food from my classmates. I love animals so much I think I might be a veterinarian. This made me really happy!

By: Payton Swan
For my Nobody project I’m doing a Lucknow craft club . What I added to nobody is a craft . Kids can come to craft to do art and they can add their craft to the Lucknow fall fair and you can win money .You can come on Mondays at 9:00am to do crafts in the summer at the Trinity Church in Ashfield..

By: Riley Parish
For my Nobody project I helped the S.P.C.A. On Halloween night I collected dog food and cat And dog things . Some people gave donations. I added eyes to Nobody because then Nobody can see all of the nice things we are doing for everybody. The lady at the S.P.C.A was very happy for all the donations. I like helping Nobody because it made Me feel good helping for the S.P.C.A. and helping all the Animals.

By : Jessalyn Hendriks
For my nobody project I picked up garbage off the side of the road. By doing this I helped the earth and made it cleaner and a better place for us to live in. What I added to nobody was a little garbage bag with some garbage in it. It made me feel good that I can clean the Earth.

By: Jordon. C
For my nobody project I helped grandma pick up sticks and the next day she came to my house and we picked up sticks there. I added a picture of helping hands I think it felt pretty good to help other people.

By: Shawn Forster
My Nobody project was about telling people to keep washing hands.
You should remind people to keep washing hands, stay home when you are sick, cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze and don’ t share personal items. It made my day. I added hand sanitizer to Nobody.

This article was published in The Lucknow Sentinel Newspaper on July 15th 2013