Burnham Ridge Public School - Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

Rowan Dawe is a Grade 5 student at Burnham Road Public School. Recently he participated in the Who is Nobody Project in his class.

This project was developed to help build character through literacy. The project starts out with a mysterious case arriving in the classroom… inside is NOBODY!

The class views three DVD lessons explaining the five Who Is NOBODY steps that inspire and tap into Everybody’s unique strengths. They include a ready-made class Who Is NOBODY experience, demonstrating how easy and fun it is to help others. EVERYBODY gets a turn to apply their personal interests and abilities to the five steps that create a unique character-building project.

Each student takes a turn to present a story, picture and adds a 3D attachment to NOBODY that represents their Who Is NOBODY? experience.

When Rowan heard that the Golden Plough Lodge was working on redeveloping its Palliative Care room, he decided that this was something he would like to help with. He decided to raise funds to purchase an item for the room as a part of his Who is NOBODY? project. He was able to raise $400, which will be used to purchase either a lounge chair or a television for this room.

The residents, families and staff of the Golden Plough Lodge thank Rowan for his great effort and generosity.

Way to go, Rowan!

This article was published in the Northumberland Today Newspaper on July 6th 2010