CBC Radio - Metro Morning - Who Is NOBODY?

This is the important part. We made a huge difference this year— Amber Currie, teacher

Who Is NOBODY?™ is highlighted on CBC 99.1 FM (Runs 3:56)

Metro Parenting – Karen Horsman

Karen Horsman - CBC Radio - Metro Morning - Who Is NOBODY?
As another school year comes to an end, it seems a good time to look back at some of the things students have accomplished over the past 10 months.
Last fall Karen Horsman introduced us to the Who Is Nobody project. It is a program that uses a doll to help young people think of others. Karen has an update on its success.
This is a follow up to a segment aired earlier in the year. You can read about that article here.

Audio at a Glance

School: Fallingbrook Public School
School Board: Durham District School Board
Grade: 2
Teacher: Amber Currie
Some Who Is NOBODY? Projects completed by this class:Saving dolphins, energy bulbs, veteran nursing homes.

40 classes across the Durham Region participated in Who Is NOBODY? They got together to celebrate the impact of the program at the Durham District School Board Head Office.

Here’s some excerpts from Karen Horsman’s segment on CBC Radio.

“This fishing net represents a student who wanted to save dolphins. So they wrote a letter to the ministry of fisheries to ask that they stop using the type of nets that catch dolphins. It’s really neat they used a net as hair on NOBODY to reflect their project because it’s a creative way to get their message across and really celebrate and document their project and their actions to help others.”
– Kelly Clark, Director

“We saw SOMEBODY dolls that had been with teenagers on a 30 hour famine, a student had organized a dance for disabled children, another student donated energy-saving light bulbs to all his neighbours while another wrote a letter to a veteran’s nursing home.”
– Karen Horsman, CBC

“There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter kid. They have so much to offer. It’s just so neat to see them take who they are and use all the different curriculum links; they’ve language, they’ve used art, they’ve used guidance … and about 7 different curriculum links they’ve applied to real life experiences. It’s really what makes the world so exciting because we need people to be passionate about all different things.”
– Kelly Clark, Director

“This is the important part. We made a huge difference this year. What are you going to do next? That is what the Who Is NOBODY? Project is all about.”
– Amber Currie, teacher

“I will keep helping the world.”
– Student participating in Who Is NOBODY?

“I will help sick kids who are in the hospital.”
– Student participating in Who Is NOBODY?

This was aired on CBC Radio Metro Morning with Andy Barrie on June 17th 2008