Our Lady of Charity CES - Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

Amazing Class of the Week!

School of the Week Teacher: Les Arnone & all the Teachers at Our Lady of Charity School!

Grade: Kindergarten to Grade 6

Students realized how small things made a big difference— Les Arnone, teacher

School: Our Lady of Charity

School Board: Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board (TBCDSB)

1. What is the biggest impact/change you saw in your class?

The biggest impact/change we saw in our school was that the students realized how small things made a big difference. One students outlined how she helped shovel out a neighbours driveway during one of our (many) snowstorms this year, and another student explained how she gave all her old clothes to a local shelter. The students realized that donations did not have to come from money; and they realized what an impact they had on others in a positive way.

2. What is the biggest impact/change in one of your students and please share an example of one student’s project:

Due to the fact that we did the project school wide, I honestly can’t tell you how it impacted one student. I can say, that the teachers all had students who really “got it”. I can also say that the teachers here are amazing, and really thought the project to be worthwhile, so they were instrumental in the success of this project.

3. Please tell us about an example of one project that made you go WOW!

The one project that made me personally go WOW was that one particular student said she brought the doll to a shelter house to assist in making food for the homeless. In her words, she said she “usually goes when my friend goes, but now I plan to go once a month on my own, even if my friend can’t go.” To me, this was awesome because it has taught this student a life lesson, and one that will continue long after the “Who Is Nobody?” project is finished.


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Have you or your child participated in Who Is NOBODY? What project did he or she do? Please leave a sentence in the comment section below or upload a photo here to inspire others!