Pilgrim Wood Public School - Halton District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

Amazing Class of the Week!

School of the Week Teacher: Nadia Ali

Grade: Grade 1 & 2

School: Pilgrim Wood Public School

School Board: Halton District School Board

1. What is the biggest impact/change you saw in your class?

The biggest impact I saw in my class was that each and every one of my students learned the true meaning of EMPATHY.

Helping the community helped bring our class closer together— Nadia Ali, teacher

They demonstrated this each and every day in our classroom toward one another, now that they truly understood the importance of taking in to consideration the needs and feelings of others. They treated Nobody like a member of our classroom, showing immense respect and care toward our new ‘classmate’. Each student in my class understood and appreciated the importance of giving. This was represented in each presentation, whether is was making a monetary donation or shoveling a neighbour’s driveway. They realized that every gesture matters.

2. What is the biggest impact/change in one of your students and please share an example of one student’s project:

Pilgrim Wood Public School - Halton District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?Truthfully, each student was impacted by the Who is Nobody program. This program humbled them–and made them realize how fortunate we are to have all our basic needs met. My students are such thoughtful and caring individuals. I could see the empathy in their eyes when we talked about helping local charities such as food banks and shelters, explaining that there are members in our OWN community who are in need and we are in a position to help them. We all developed a very deep understanding of interconnectedness within our community and how we are fortunate to be in a position to dig deep within ourselves to offer help.

3. Please tell us about an example of one project that made you go WOW!

Pilgrim Wood Public School - Halton District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?All my students’ projects were amazing and each act of kindness had me in tears, so they all made me go WOW! From the first day that Nobody entered our classroom, we were a changed class. We were invested in making Nobody in to a Somebody! Each presentation, each attachment–MEANT something to us and it brought us closer together as a class community. Whether a student was sharing an act of kindness performed toward a neighbour, raised money and awareness for a big organization, or sacrificed their own birthday money for those less fortunate…the fact was, we ALL did something. We ALL made a difference. Our school’s motto is Be Kind, Work Hard and Make a Difference. Through our Nobody project, we did just that.


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