Each and every one of you is doing something for the community— Tasha, Daytime TV Host

Duffin’s Bay Public School in the Durham District School Board is featured on Rogers Daytime TV – in Durham.

Teacher Lisa Damoff-Murphy and grade 3 student Emma Burnett how their NOBODY is becoming a SOMEBODY by going out into the local community and doing amazing things.

Video at a Glance

School: Duffin’s Bay Public School
School Board: Durham District School Board
Grade: 3
Teacher: Lisa Damoff-Murphy
Some Who Is NOBODY? Projects completed by this class: Played bingo at a seniors home, collected clothes for Red Cross

Emma, an 8 year-old student at Duffin’s Bay Public School in Durham District School Board, and her teacher, Lisa, shared their experience with Who Is NOBODY? They explained how the classroom kit makes a difference by paying it forward.

Their NOBODY-turned-SOMEBODY class mascot is covered in patches that are symbolic of personal projects. Together they shared the stories behind the attachments.

Here’s a few examples:
One student baked cupcakes to sell. He raised over $200 to give to the Red Cross to help people in Haiti. His attachment: photo of cupcakes

Emma helped young people at Covenant House; a shelter for homeless youth. She added a locket-style necklace to NOBODY full of messages like “hope” and “I love you”.

Another student did a coat drive and sent over 150 jackets to first nations. To capture this project NOBODY is now sporting a beautiful purple jacket of its own.

These are just 3 of 25 students unique outreach projects!

When the presenters from Daytime in Durham Region asked what the Who Is NOBODY? message was, they learned that you’re never too young to help people in the community and small people can make a big difference.

This video appeared on Rogers Daytime TV – in Durham February 14th 2010

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