Each and every one of you is doing something for the communityโ€” Tasha, Daytime TV Host

Duffin’s Bay Public School in the Durham District School Board is featured on Rogers Daytime TV – in Durham.

Teacher Lisa Damoff-Murphy and grade 3 student Emma Burnett how their NOBODY is becoming a SOMEBODY by going out into the local community and doing amazing things.

Video at a Glance

School: Duffin’s Bay Public School
School Board: Durham District School Board
Grade: 3
Teacher: Lisa Damoff-Murphy
Some Who Is NOBODY? Projects completed by this class: Played bingo at a seniors home, collected clothes for Red Cross

Emma, an 8 year-old student at Duffinโ€™s Bay Public School in Durham District School Board, and her teacher, Lisa, shared their experience with Who Is NOBODY? They explained how the classroom kit makes a difference by paying it forward.

Their NOBODY-turned-SOMEBODY class mascot is covered in patches that are symbolic of personal projects. Together they shared the stories behind the attachments.

Hereโ€™s a few examples:
One student baked cupcakes to sell. He raised over $200 to give to the Red Cross to help people in Haiti. His attachment: photo of cupcakes

Emma helped young people at Covenant House; a shelter for homeless youth. She added a locket-style necklace to NOBODY full of messages like โ€œhopeโ€ and โ€œI love youโ€.

Another student did a coat drive and sent over 150 jackets to first nations. To capture this project NOBODY is now sporting a beautiful purple jacket of its own.

These are just 3 of 25 students unique outreach projects!

When the presenters from Daytime in Durham Region asked what the Who Is NOBODY? message was, they learned that youโ€™re never too young to help people in the community and small people can make a big difference.

This video appeared on Rogers Daytime TV – in Durham February 14th 2010