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Dr GJ MacGillivray Public School students have been using Who Is NOBODY? in their school.

Who Is NOBODY? is a holistic, hands-on approach— Daytime Presenter

Teacher Andrea Parnell and grade 4 student Aaron Janusitis discuss how this program is making a difference in their classroom and how it is building empathy and respect in Andrea’s students and gives them the opportunity to go out and make a difference in the world.

Video at a Glance

School: Dr GJ MacGillivray Public School
School Board: Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
Grade: 4
Teacher: Andrea Parnell
Some Who Is NOBODY? Projects completed by this class: Humane Society

“The goal is to show people that you can become a somebody. NOBODY arrived in our class with no interests, no abilities and so on. Our goal was to turn that around.”
– Angela Parnell, teacher

“Who Is NOBODY? is a holistic, hands-on approach.”
– Daytime presenter

“I collected things for the Humane Society. Money, bleach, batteries, photocopy paper … I love animals.”
– Aaron, student

“The list went from helping grandma doing chores around the house to helping a village in Africa.”
– Angela Parnell, teacher

“They’re turning NOBODY into a SOMEBODY by each making a difference.”
– Daytime presenter

“I am a big fan of character education … It would be my dream for most classes in the school to do a program like this and take a holistic approach to character education so we can impact the school and the community.”
– Angela Parnell, teacher

“It’s possible to implement [Who Is NOBODY?] in all grades.”
– Daytime presenter

This video appeared on Rogers Daytime TV – in Kawartha on January 12th 2008

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Who Is NOBODY? is a literacy-based bullying prevention program for Grades 1 – 12 that applies the curriculum to real-life experiences. Students build self-esteem by discovering their strengths and using them to help others.

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