I learned that some people have disadvantages and they need to be cared for— Vincent Siew, grade 5 student

Beverley Acres Public School in the York Region District School Board is featured on Rogers Daytime TV – in York Region.

Students Vincent Siew, Hailey Wengle, Emma Corso and Austin Ferranton describe how they have made NOBODY into a SOMEBODY over the course of the school year and what they have learned from participating in the Who Is NOBODY? program.

Beverley Acres Public School was sponsored their kits by the Richmond Hill Rotary Club.

Video at a Glance

School: Beverley Acres Public School
School Board: York Region District School Board
Grade: 3, 4 & 5
Some Who Is NOBODY? Projects completed by this class: Ride for Heart, Breast Cancer Awareness, Children’s Wish Foundation

Daytime Host Jaqueline:
Why did you develop Who Is NOBODY?
Who Is NOBODY? Director Kelly Clark:
I was trying to find a way to tap into every student; what each student cares about—what interests them.

Daytime Host George:
The program is very tangible. Do you find that helps hook the students?
Kelly Clark:
It helps students see that everybody’s individual effort is part of the greater whole; the same way communities work. Who Is NOBODY? helps the whole class come together.

Grade 5 student Vincent:
I added this heart to NOBODY. This year I’m participating in the Ride for Heart, which is part of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. They research and find out how to cure heart disease. This year I’m going 50 kilometers.
What will NOBODY learn when you put the heart on him?
I think he’ll learn what love means and how to care about people.

Hayley, what did you add to NOBODY?
Grade 5 student Hayley:
I added this breast cancer pin because I decided to sell bracelets like this one I made and donate the money to the Canadian Cancer Research Society.

This is so great. The messages that these children are learning are ones that will stay with them for a very long time, if not forever.
I think because they pick something personal – you were saying your grandmother has cancer – so their contribution is personally meaningful, which makes it lasting.

Kelly, when this idea first popped into your head what was the main mission you wanted to accomplish?

When you think of global warming or child labour, or anything we are trying to fix in the world, the best way to start is to get kids to care, and experience responsible citizenship at an early age—to find out for themselves that it’s easy to help others and it’s also fun. And “anybody” can help.
Vincent, what did you like about this program? What did you learn?
I learned that some people have disadvantages and they need to be cared for.

Let’s invite two more students in. Let’s start with you Emma, what did you add to your NOBODY?
Grade 4 student Emma:
We added a gratitude rock for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Do you remember when this doll was blank? How did it become the colourful doll it is now?
Grade 3 student Austin:
Everyone put something on it to represent something they did for the community.

You could look at it as a bigger thing too. I mean, kids are coming together, they’re playing, but they’re learning something very important, which is teamwork. Is that another goal you had with this program?
Well, it’s interesting because all of the NOBODY’s have always come back to school. A lot of teachers have said that for certain children it’s the first time they’ve completed homework and it’s because they are part of a team. They’re letting people down if they don’t because it’s a relay baton that is connecting everyone.

And what about the message you’ve shared today. Everybody is somebody. That is such an important message, especially to younger children.
A lot of school is about everyone doing the same thing. Who Is NOBODY? really helps kids explore what makes them different and celebrating diversity. We’re all different and it’s our differences that make a difference.

It’s especially something worth bringing up when you think about what a big problem bullying is.
That’s a really great point. Most kids try to build respect in more superficial ways. This program allows kids to really focus on what makes them unique and to build respect on things that are earned and lasting. Who Is NOBODY? gets kids to focus on their interests and abilities.

This video appeared on Rogers Daytime TV – in York January 12th 2008