Covenant House - Toronto District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

Who Is NOBODY? is a character education teaching resource that can be used in a variety of groups settings, from classrooms to church groups.

Read below to see how NOBODY got on at Covenant House in Toronto.

Eight-year-old Emma was inspired to help our kids by an innovative school challenge to improve lives with the help of Nobody, a featureless cloth doll.

Every kid in Emma’s class had to choose a good cause to learn about and help. They each had to decorate the class Nobody doll with an item that represented their project making him a “somebody”.

Emma choose to help our kids for her project. She learned about what we do for homeless youth and sent Nobody to spend time in our skills program for youth with mental issues, CREW.

Covenant House - Toronto District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

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Emma asked the kids at CREW to add a decoration to him and take pictures of him sharing a day with them. They made him a beautiful hand-crafted necklace. They were moved by the unusual efforts of this young girl to reach out to them.

With Nobody at her side, Emma raised over $250 in a community coin drive for our youth. Through the project, Emma learned the impact that empathy and engagement can have on transforming our world.

This article was published on the Covenant House website in January 2010