Roland Michener Public School - Ottawa-Carleton District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

For a school project, two Grade 6 students are raising money for Ronald McDonald House.

Matthew Halciopoulos and Matthew S. (his last name was withheld at the request of his parents), both 12, are holding a garage sale this weekend with all the proceeds going to the charity for sick children.

The boys, who attend Roland Michener Public School, said their class was encouraged to do something good for the community as part of their Who is Nobody? project, and were given the option of helping the environment, animals or humans.

It feels good to do something for those less fortunateβ€” Matthew Halciopoulos

β€œWe decided we wanted to do something for humans,” said Matthew S.

His project partner said he participated in a hockey tournament for Ronald McDonald House in the past and thought it would be good cause to help.

The duo said they visited several local stores asking for donations and created flyers to hand out around their school. Friends and family also gave items to sell at the combination garage sale/bake sale/raffle on Saturday, May 23.

β€œWe can hardly move around (the garage),” said Matthew S. about the outpouring of support and donations. β€œWe hope to raise a lot.”

Matthew H. said their class is holding a competition to see who can raise the most money and they are expecting to bring around $200.

β€œIt feels good to do something for those less fortunate,” said his partner.

The boys said their parents are helping them out by picking up items and delivering flyers.

β€œI think they’re probably proud of us,” said Matthew S.

The fundraiser will be held at 66 Gray Cres. from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This article was published in the Ottawa East News on May 19th 2009