Who Is NOBODY? is featured on CTS TV (now Yes TV).

This is a grassroots way of getting kids to connect with their community— Tanya Prokomenko, TV Host

Kelly Clark the Who Is NOBODY? program creator is interviewed on the Real Life show on CTS TV.
Real Life is a lifestyle magazine show, targeted to women ages 25 – 54. Real Life is broadcast on CTS Television and available nationwide on Bell Express Vu and Star Choice satellite systems.

Video at a Glance

How does the program get introduced?

You can get the program going any way you like! Here’s 3 sample methods:
1. A principle can deliver the kit to your classroom.

2. A drama teacher can make an announcement to say that a box is shaking in the office and ready for a student to pick it up!

3. Often with older participants the teacher will leave the suitcase on the desk and students will begin to ask what the package is all about. Build as much suspense as you like!

How does the program run?

Each student gets a turn with the classroom resources. When participants have their designated time with the materials they follow 5 steps that help them determine who they are interested in helping and how they want to help. The result? Students build a personally meaningful project.

What are some example projects

One student’s father is blind so he added eyes and talked about the CNIB.

Another student cleaned up the neighbourhood by collecting garbage in park.
A running shoe that has duct tape over the logo was added to NOBODY after a student encouraged classmates to be aware of the products they buy that use child labour.

What is the bigger purpose of the 3D attachments?

The symbols added to NOBODY help keep the first student projects alive over the entire project period—whether it’s just a few weeks or the entire school year.

Why did you come up with the program?

Many young people feel like they don’t fit in. So they try to fit in by being the same as everyone else. Who Is NOBODY? helps students figure out what makes them different and allows them experience fitting into a group by sharing their unique skills.
Who Is NOBODY? celebrates diversity. We need all sorts of people to make a healthy community. We need to use our differences to make a difference! Who Is NOBODY? is a vehicle for students to experience the power of their interests and abilities.

What is the lasting effect of the program?

Change starts with kids. When young people experience that they can take an active role in making the world better, and realize how amazing it feels to help others, they are more likely to continue contributing.
For example, one student made a business plan with his father when he was in Grade 1; they figured out how much they’d have to mark up the freezes and how many they’d have to sell to meet their sales target. He began selling these frozen treats at lunch to raise funds for Interplast—an organization that gives medical aid to kids with cleft lips and other reconstructive surgeries in developing countries. That student is now in Grade 8. He has continued his project and raised over $25, 000 to date.

How do older students embrace Who Is NOBODY?

Secondary school students need to complete mandatory community involvement hours. Unfortunately many choose the easiest placement and their lasting impression is: Thank goodness that’s over! Whereas students who participate in Who Is NOBODY? gain some direction in how they want to spend those hours. Teachers have reported that students who first participated in Who Is NOBDY? consistently complete more than 3 times the number of required volunteer hours. Why? Because students meet like-minded people and have meaningful experiences. Who Is NOBODY? gets students thinking about their future and applying their experiences to career goals.

What’s Who Is GREEN? all about?

Who Is GREEN? is an environmentally-focused version of Who Is NOBODY? It helps students come up with creative ways to be green. Then they dedicate their project to a person or animal they love. This helps youth understand that when you help the environment, you help everybody.

What have you learned?

Kids want to help. It’s their natural instinct. They just need a vehicle to get started.
Who Is NOBODY? also helps young people turn off their devices and make important real life connections.

Who’s participating?

As of 2018, classes are participating in the United States, England, Australia, Saudi Arabia and in every Province and Territory across Canada.

This video appeared on Real Life CTS TV – in Toronto March 8th 2010