McNab PS -Ottawa-Carlton District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

McNab PS - Ottawa-Carlton District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

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Members of Lorna Pleau’s class at McNab Public School recently welcomed members of the Arnprior Rotary Club for the wrap-up of the Who’s Nobody project, where students begin with a blank doll, complete community projects and add items to the doll to represent their efforts.

The Rotary Club donated the kit to the school. The ‘Arnprior Rotary Club’s Dave Palmer accepts a card of thanks from Traleena Rouleau on behalf of the Grade 8 Class.

Projects ranged from helping neighbours to making care packages for soldiers in Afghanistan.

The wonderful “Who Is Nobody” educational program occasionally referred to as Who’s Nobody is an award winning literacy and character building program that encourages and challenges youth to do somethng to help their classroom companion “Nobody” become someone special. Who is Nobody comes in a Kit including the Who is Nobody Doll and all the instructions needed to introduce this great learning tool to students. It assists youth in identifying their passion and then putting their passion into action to help something or someone they care about. Once this program gets underway in the classroom it doesn’t take long for their “Who’s Nobody” to become their “Somebody” with all the kindness and character of a great some one!

Each student has the opportunity to work with the Nobody character, and help to work towards doing a generous, kind or benevolent act for others helping to enhance their writing skills and confidence by reporting on what they did to make Nobody become a Somebody.

You are encouraged to check out “Who is Nobody” to see what this unique and special program can do for students and schools in your town.

Dave Palmer – Arnprior Rotary Club

This article was published in the Arnprior Chronicle-Guide on June 23rd 2010