Elgin Market Public School - Bluewater District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

The Grade 3 students and their teachers, Cheryl Diffin (L) and Amanda Brindley (R), have worked hard, learning many things about the environment, programs, agencies, and each other, to help turn their “Nobody” dolls into “Somebody” over the past few months, at Elgin Market Public School, Kincardine.

It’s taken months but finally “Nobody” is “Somebody” at Elgin Market Public School, Kincardine.

The Grade 3 classes of Cheryl Diffin and Amanda Brindley participated in the “Who is Nobody?” program, sponsored by the Rotary Club, by taking “Nobody” with them to various places, doing a multitude of tasks, and learning many things.

Nobody learned to give and be generousβ€” Chole Page, grade 3 student
Each student took “Nobody” somewhere and then came back to the class to report what they had learned.

Chloe Page and “Nobody” went to Community Living of Kincardine and District because members of that agency can’t go places independently. They also took ice cream which everyone enjoyed, and members of Community Living wanted to hold and hug “Nobody.”

“Nobody learned to give and be generous,” said Chloe, “and to share his time by spending it with others.”

As “Nobody” travels with each student, a symbol of that trip is added to him, and through all of those experiences, he becomes “Somebody.”

The class added a hat to keep him warm, a shirt, a neighbourhood-helper pin, pants, socks, a mouth, a Great Wolf Lodge souvenir, a cereal box representing Meals on Wheels, a tennis ball, Derby Staff shirt for helping with the Fish Kincardine Derby, rubber boots, Save the Animals badge, package of seeds, piece of garbage from clean-up, mittens, soccer ball, a flower, some leaves, and eyes.

For more information about the program, visit the website at www.whoisnobody.com

Below are two more letters to the editor, written by Grade 3 students, about the program. More letters can be found on the Kincardine Times Letters to the Editor section.

Dear Editor:

Hello, my name is Nobody and the first person who took me was Deter. He shovelled his Gramma and Grandpa’s driveway and he put a hat on me. So, whenever he would go outside, he wouldn’t be cold.

After Deter, Grace took me and Grace put on a shirt that had an earth on it because she picked up the garbage around her neighbourhood.

The next person was Matthew. Matthew and I went to his neighbour’s house and baked cookies because her husband passed away so Matthew put on a friendship badge because his neighbours were his friends.

Now, let’s move on to the beautiful and talented Brooklyn. She attached pants because she helped her Gramma clean the laundry so all these wonderful kids have a turn to have Nobody and share their gift to Nobody.

It’s wonderful to have Nobody in Grade 3 because Nobody gets to see these wonderful kids and see all the things that they did and learn how to play sports and help out the elderly.

P.S. I am Emma Anderson. I’m in Grade 3 and I really enjoy Nobody.

Love, Emma

Dear Editor:

Elgin Market Public School - Bluewater District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

Chloe Page (L) tells what she and “Nobody” did, while Brooklyn MacArthur holds “Nobody,” complete with all his many learned treasures

My name is Sarah Hobbs and in September, 2010, you took a picture of me and my sister, Christine, for Terry Fox Day.

At Elgin Market Public School in Ms Diffin’s Grade 3 class, we do a Nobody experience. The Nobody Experience is a project supported by the Kincardine Rotary Club. My class and four girls in Mrs. Dent’s class are participating in the Nobody experience.

Each of us gets a turn to teach Nobody something about different topics, such as the environment, caring, empathy, animals or helping others. After each of us is done the Nobody experience, we attach something to Nobody that connects with the activity that we did with Nobody.

Everyone in our class taught Nobody something special and Nobody was pleased to learn these things. When Nobody gets older, he will be a caretaker of the earth.


Sarah Hobbs

For more information about the program, log on to www.whoisnobody.com

This article was published in the Saugeen Times on June 26th 2011