Pinecrest Memorial ES - Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

As it turns out, nobody is really a somebody at Pinecrest Memorial School in Bloomfield.
From October until May, Mrs. Bass’s Gd 5 students took part in a character education program called “Who is Nobody?”. The program helps students give a “blue demin character – Nobody” a character. When Nobody arrived in October, it didn’t have much of a personality or sense of character. Each week, one of the students took Nobody home.

The student chose a special project to help living things. At the end of each week, Nobody’s character had been enhanced by the student’s experience and the student shared that experience with the rest of the students in the classroom.

I built a composter with my father and made a poster about composting that we hung in the No Frills store— Nikita, grade 5 student

Nikita built a composter with her father and made a poster about composting that she and Nobody hung in the No Frills store.

Krista went to a nursing home and helped the residents.

Keith helped his cousins from Switzerland learn about Canadian culture while they were visiting Canada.

Elise picked an angel from the CAS tree in December and bought Christmas gifts for someone she didn’t know.

Tye helped his brother with reading and homework. The list of character building experiences and events is a long one.

From a professional development conference on child character development to a special project in a grade 5 classroom, Nobody became a somebody with the help of some very special students

This article was published in The County Weekly News on 13th June 2008