Ontario Council for Exceptional Children - Who Is NOBODY?

EVERYBODY is definitely SOMEBODY at the CEC Provincial Conference held in Niagara Falls, Ontario!

CEC’s Mission is:
“To enhance educational outcomes and improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs.”

The conference opened with inspiring Keynote Speaker Ashley Gialelem who’s message was:
Looking beyond the barriers and getting to know the person inside

Dr. Christy Chambers, President Elect, CEC International followed. She began her career as a special education teacher before assuming various roles that have given her the experience and capacity to lead change. Her main area of interest is in restructuring and improving delivery systems. Her work has led to significant reform recognized internationally.

AWESOME Teacher Candidates at the Ontario Council for Exceptional Children Conference:

Rochelle Tkach
Nicole Franklin
Rosemary Tamburini
Lia Mancuso

hold NOBODY, SOMEBODY and the mysterious case in which the Who Is NOBODY? program arrives. This kit includes 25+ support materials to get teachers started without a workshop or any preparation!

Break-out sessions allowed attendees to tailor their learning over the rest of the conference and focused on topics ranging from:

  • Mental Health and Addictions Strategies
  • Putting Research Behind Effective Reading Programs for Struggling Readers
  • Helping Students with ASD Transition to Post-Secondary Education or Competitive Employment
  • Strategies for Families and Educators to Help Build Language, Communication and Reading Skills
  • Using Learning for All, K-12 Support the Implementation of ABA in Classrooms and Schools
  • Nature and Needs of the Gifted Learner
  • Structured Teaching for Learners with Autism & Other Exceptionalities: From Daycare to Grade 12 & Beyond

Sessions were lead by professionals from The Ministry of Education, classroom, universities and organizations within the greater community who are passionate about supporting young people in reaching their potential, including Dr. John McNamara (Brock University), Ashley Short (Niagara Learning Disabilities Association), Dr. Heather MacKenzie (Wired Fox Publications), Pawanjit Mahal (Special Needs Itinerant Teacher (Peel DSB), Stephanie John, (OISE/University of Toronto) and many more from as areas as close as Niagara Falls to as far away as Hawaii!

Who Is NOBODY? was thrilled to be accepted to present our workshop:

by Director Kelly Clark

Our workshop syllabus was as follows:

Students are surrounded by confusing messages about how to build self‐esteem. Who Is NOBODY? is a practical tool set-up by DVD. It engages students at-risk in experiencing, sharing and celebrating EVERYBODY’s strengths. Students build a sense of purpose and belonging by applying the curriculum to real‐life experiences that guide career, student and interpersonal development.

Below is a short documentary we played that captures the Who Is NOBODY? program in-action with feedback from students, teachers and the community!

For more information please visit the Who Is NOBODY? website.

Overall the conference was well organized and insightful with information and support for EVERYBODY!

Click here for more information about Ontario’s Council for Exceptional Children.

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CEC Conference Co-ordinators - Who Is NOBODY?

Three of many amazing CEC Conference Co-ordinators who volunteer countless hours to support young people, their families and their communities:

Amy Shannon
Beth Kavanagh
Saba Mir

hold the mascots that come with the Who Is NOBODY?, Who Is GREEN? and Who Is NOBODY? – Pink (Bullying Prevention Special Edition) programs.

Change starts with kids.

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