Pharrell's hat - Who Is NOBODY?

  • Pharrell’s hat raises $44, 100 in eBay auction
  • Arby’s fun-loving attack on Pharrell’s hat reminds me of Jon Klassen’s book
  • Who Is NOBODY? makes Mandatory Community Involvement Hours personally meaningful

Pharrell’s hat came to the Oscars.

Pharrell’s hat danced up a storm with Meryl Streep and other celebrities, during the live performance of his Oscar-nominated song Happy.

Pharrell’s hat collected money for Ellen DeGeneres’s Pizza Party…

But Pharrell’s hat did not stop there!

Pharrell’s hat makes a difference

Pharrell’s hat was put on eBay to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to Pharrell’s Charity called From One Hand to Another.

And guess what? The highest bidder was Arby’s who engaged in a friendly faux feud suggesting that Pharrell’s hat was their hat and they wanted it back! …Kind of reminds me of the book called I want my hat back by Jon Klassen.

Arby’s bid $44, 100 for Pharrell’s hat. The funds will benefit Pharrell’s foundation that focuses on under-served youths by creating learning centers to empower children to learn through new technologies, arts and media.

I love this story!

Pharrell had the whole world looking at him, so he decided to do something GREAT with all the attention.

Do what you love to help those you love

The Who Is NOBODY? approach to giving is: Do what you love to help those you love.

Pharrell's hat - Who Is NOBODY?In Pharrell’s case, this would be using fashion and music to help less fortunate youth.

When you use your interests to help a living thing you’re interested in, giving is easy, meaningful and the experience is lasting.

This is why so many Gr. 8 and Gr. 9 teachers implement Who Is NOBODY? as a springboard to Mandatory Community Involvement; the service hours necessary to graduate from high school.

As a teacher, I know that students do what we all do so often: procrastinate.

And when students put off doing their service hours, they often pick a volunteer position hastily, just to get the job done—rather than choose a placement that matches their interests and abilities. The result? Students are so glad their volunteer hours are over.

What a shame!

Make Mandatory Community Hours meaningful

Participating teachers have reported that students who use Who Is NOBODY? to figure out where they want to invest their Mandatory Community Hours, do at least twice the number of outreach hours because they have such a positive experience.

Who Is NOBODY? supports students in picking a personally meaningful place to volunteer, so they meet like-minded people who are involved in things they find engaging. Then the whole experience gives them a sense of purpose and belonging.

Don’t we all want to feel the way Norm did every time he went to Cheers?

Then volunteering becomes easy, meaningful and lasting.

Well done Pharrell and Arby’s for setting an A+ example.

Do you see striking similarities between Arby’s asking for Pharrell’s hat ‘back’ and the video below?

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Do you think Pharrell’s hat looks like the Arby’s hat?

What accessory do you have that’s one of a kind like Pharrell’s hat?

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