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Who Is NOBODY? met incredible educators passionate about their opportunity to empower youth at the Celebrating Linguistic Diversity Conference. The goal of the conference was to share best practices for students learning a second language … or as we called it at my school: EFL. English as a Fourth Language. Many of our students had lived all around the world!
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TDSB hosts Canada’s largest ESL conference with OISE

The Toronto District School Board coordinated a vibrant opportunity for educators across the country. There were five keynote speakers, 89 workshops and more than 1,400 participants attending TDSB’s Celebrating Linguistic Diversity Conference.

This annual conference for elementary and secondary teachers of English language learners, also known as ELL, was hosted at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). The goal? To highlight best practices.

The Celebrating Linguistic Diversity Conference was a chance for teachers across Canada and beyond, to share and learn from each other. Then bring fresh ideas back to their provinces, school boards and individual schools.

Who Is NOBODY? helps students learn new languages

Who Is NOBODY? had the opportunity to take part in The Celebrating Linguistic Diversity Conference.

This classroom kit is available in English and French. Both programs are a great tool for students to learn a new language.


When kids are passionate about a subject they light up and are keen to communicate. Who Is NOBODY? and Qui est Personne? support students in choosing a topic they’re interested in and then using it to help others. This program helps students learn a new language and build self esteem.

Teachers wear many hats and were happy to hear that Who Is NOBODY?/Qui est Personne?:

  • are set up by DVD
  • are self-running
  • takes 5 minutes of class per week
  • are reusable

Are you passionate about EcoSchools?

Along with Who Is NOBODY? and Qui est Personne? we also have two other programs.

Who Is NOBODY? Pink Edition focuses on students standing up for others. It’s the same concept as the original program but it supports teachers and students in using anti-bullying language and pairing words with action. For example, if a student collected towels for an animal shelter they would say they stood up for animals. They can then understand through their experience that looking out for others and making a difference is easy, fun and makes them feel good in a way that’s earned and lasting. Students learn not to be a bystander. You can learn more here.

St Josephs CS - Renfrew County Catholic District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

Who Is GREEN? is our EcoSchools Edition. The goal is for students to do an environmental project that is personally meaningful.
Who is GREEN? - Kit Contents
For example, if a student loves hockey, they can donate the equipment they’ve grown out of to an organization that can redistribute it to youth who would otherwise not be able to participate. The goal is for students to understand there are lots of ways to be green. More information about Who Is GREEN? can be found here.

It was a wonderful opportunity for Who Is NOBODY? to participate in The Celebrate Linguistic Diversity Conference.

Change starts with kids.

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