Fallingbrook PS - Durham District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

When seven-year-old Kaylie Dolan got an assignment from her second grade teacher to give a meaningful personality to a faceless doll called ‘Mr. Nobody’, she used that assignment to help Habitat for Humanity Durham support families in need of affordable housing.

The goal of the project was to teach kids the importance of helping those in need. Each student would have the doll for one week and find a way to use it to help their community be a better place. Along the way, Mr. Nobody became a ‘somebody’ and the child attached to the doll a symbol of their community service.

An Assignment to Teach Kids the Value in Helping Others.

How Kaylie Raised Funds for Habitat Online

Kaylie chose Habitat for Humanity as Mr. Nobody’s cause because she recognized the importance of having a home and the achievements of Habitat across Canada for families in need.

I wanted to help someone find a home to spend their life in— Kaylie Dolan, Whitby, Ontario

The Dolan family used the online Habitat fundraising tool to create Kaylie’s own webpage for collecting donations. Kaylie’s goal went from $100 to $200 after a quick response, and after only one week, she raised $178 for the Habitat for Humanity Durham affiliate.

Kaylie’s Fundraising Reward: Buying the Lock Set for a Family’s New Habitat Home

The money Kaylie raised was used to buy a lock set for a family’s new Habitat home. To complete her project, she attached a key to Mr. Nobody representing the key for the new house and the difference she made in her community.

A New Generation of Donors, When Every Donation Counts

Kids are the donors of the future. Doing fundraisers helps them open their eyes, which then opens the door to make a big impact from something seemingly small— Mary Bone, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Durham

The staff members at HFH Durham were overjoyed to see such a young girl taking the initiative to help the cause. Mary Bone, Executive Director, explains what the donation meant to them:

“Because we’re a relatively new affiliate, every nickel we receive is absolutely cherished. Kaylie’s story affects others, and it’s because of kids like her that help get the word out. It’s great to have the extra voices in the community.”

This article was published on the Habitat For Humanity website in October 2007