Ottawa Carleton District School Board - Who- Is NOBODY? - Cake

A participating Who Is NOBODY? class in the Ottawa Carleton District School Board caught the attention of local bakery, Sweet and Sassy Co. There were so many wonderful outreach projects happening in Arnprior, that the bakery decided to create a cake that looked like the mysterious suitcase that the Who Is NOBODY? program arrives in.

When you look closer at the suitcase, you can see bracelets, coins, cookies and other items all made of icing. Each trinket signifies a different student project that helped the community. The objects were used to decorate the suitcase, the same way NOBODY is β€œdecorated” by students.

NOBODY soon becomes SOMEBODY as the 3D attachments are placed on the outside of the class mascot (doll). Each symbolic ornament represents amazing work that reflects the beautiful character that is on the inside of each student.

The bracelets represent Maya’s Who Is NOBODY? Project. She strung colourful beads together to give to seniors who don’t get regular visitors at a local nursing home.

The coins represent a student who asked for funds in lieu of gifts for his birthday. Imran then made a donation to The War Amps. His cousin is an amputee and received wonderful support from their organization. He was excited to have a chance to give back.

Ottawa Carleton District School Board - Who- Is NOBODY? - Cake

Aleena had a bake sale to raise funds for a local boys and girls club who were in need of new sports equipment. She is an avid soccer player and wanted kids who don’t have the same opportunities as her to be able to take part in athletics.

Each project also involved students writing a story, drawing a picture and presenting their experience to the class. Reflecting, documenting and sharing their initiatives allowed students to apply the curriculum to real-life experiences. All four strands of literacy are exercised, along with the arts, social justice, character education, eco-schools and mindfulness, while celebrating diversity.

In the spirit of Who Is NOBODY? this cake was donated to the class by Sweet and Sassy Co! It made for an exciting celebration of all the incredible projects students completed in their community.

Click here to visit and see the cake on the sweetandsassyco Website