Sara Dimerman - Character Is The Key - Who Is NOBODY?

The character education movement, implemented by educators around the world, is an incredibly successful and growing phenomenon. When important character attributes like honesty, integrity, and fairness are modeled and taught to kids, they develop an inner compass that continues to guide them in a positive direction. The missing link has been helping parents with their crucial participation at home – until now. In Character Is the Key, parenting expert and therapist Sara Dimerman shares proven techniques in a powerful, step-by-step plan that will help you bring your family together, improve communication, and unlock the very best in your children – and yourself. Get started today!

The Who Is NOBODY? program is recommended in Sara Dimerman’s book as a Character Building Resource.

It has been said that our children are sent to teach us more than we can ever teach them. A book like Character is the Key seems to introduce an even more profound concept: the focus of character evolution, development and nurturing is something we can do simultaneously with our children.

This easy to read book offers a fascinating look at attributes, within the context of interplay between parent and child. Better yet, it begs the question most parents fear answering honestly, “what kind of role model am I for my children?”. This book helps parents and children find comfort and self-forgiveness in their short comings, and is written in a way that inspires the reader to self-improve. The exercises in the book are seeds of enlightenment for families and fun to do as activities. Character is at the heart of all we are. “Character is the Key” is a definitive guide to all we can become as parents, as children, as happy, healthy, productive individuals.

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