Seaforth Public School - Avon Maitland District - School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

Amazing Class of the Week!

The NOBODY project was an AMAZING learning experience for everyone!— Jessica Leney, Enrichment Resource Teacher

School of the Week Teacher: Jessica Leney

Grade: Grade 4, 5 and 6

School: Seaforth Public School

School Board: Avon Maitland District School Board

1. How did you hear about the program?

I heard about the program from my teaching partner.

2. Why did you decide to participate?

I love the idea of turning something from a NOBODY into a SOMEBODY through acts of service. It is an amazing concept!.

3. What is the biggest impact/change in your class?

Students possess more awareness about the different problems around the world and they don’t feel as powerless to help.

4. What is the biggest impact/change in one of your students?

One student learned about a girl’s right to an education and how girls in different parts of the world lead VERY different lives from hers.

5. Example of one student’s project:

Project Sierra Leone focused on helping to build a better education system in Sierra Leone. Natalie, a grade six student made over seven hundred bracelets and sold them for $1.00 with proceeds going to a charitable organization to purchase educational supplies and build schools. Natalie also wanted to promote kindness and friendship and prevent bullying at school. The bracelets were meant to be purchased and given to someone else.

6. Which whole-class Who Is NOBODY? Project did your class do (i.e. Free The Children or another organization/cause) and why your class chose it:

One student’s NOBODY project resulted in an invitation to be “Commissioner of the Day” at the OPP headquarters in Orilla! He organized an Emergency Service Integration Day members of EMS and the OPP educated youth about their jobs.

Last week was our Field Trip and we brought the NOBODY dolls to the University of Western Ontario for a day of engineering!

Seaforth Public School - Avon Maitland District - School Board - Field Trip


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Have you or your child participated in Who Is NOBODY? What project did he or she do? Please leave a sentence in the comment section below or upload a photo here to inspire others!