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Last night I was making space by eliminating things. I was trying to put what I learned from The Wealthy Barber Returns into-action. I thought, the less stuff I have the more room there will be for (as advised by David Chilton) experiences. When your house is clear your head is clear too.

I did a Who Is NOBODY? Experience of my own

So today, with a car full of clothes, coffee tables and other items … so important I can’t remember them, I headed to Goodwill. I was excited to be joining forces with so many students who have participated in Who Is NOBODY? and donated time, materials and funds to the Humane Society, Salvation Army, Covenant House and hundreds of other organizations and causes.

What’s so great about Goodwill?

I’ve wanted to stand on a soapbox and sing Goodwill’s praises for a long time. I’ve been a second-hand enthusiast since I was in Teacher’s College and found out about Charity Shops (as second-hand stores are called in England.) Not only do I love something that’s twice the quality and half the price of many new things (if it makes it’s way to Goodwill’s racks it has stood the test of time) but I’m also taken by something that comes with a history. Like a purse that’s been to so many parties without me.

However, after further investigation, there’s so much more to Goodwill. The thrift store itself is just one part. The donations and purchases made there are the engines behind everything else. Goodwill creates a community.

Do you shudder at the thought of previously loved items?

I am often a misfit among friends and family who do not share the same love I have for second hand things.

Misfits, better know who they are, because they are always being judged by the mainstream world— John Irving, author - In One Person

In John Irving’s Book In One Person, he states “Billy Abbot knows who he is and strong characters … misfits, better know who they are, because they are always being judged by the mainstream world”

I love this!

If we are true to ourselves won’t we all be outsiders somewhere?

Why I love stores like Goodwill

We can all learn so much from each other. So I like to share my love for things that would otherwise be destined for the landfill.

After years of standing up for articles that aren’t brand new, my answer is always a question.

Do you eat at restaurants and stay at hotels?

The forks you put in your mouth and the sheets you slip between have had far more exposure to many more people than the five dollar painting I have hanging in my living room (that was by an artist, now famous in Australia.)

Community of Character - Goodwill - Who Is NOBODY?


With that said I also bought my cutlery from Goodwill!

How is an antique so coveted by the same person who’s anti-second-hand things?

Here are some other reasons I love Goodwill:

  • Whether you buy something or donate to Goodwill, you’re helping the environment
  • Help yourself and others by de-cluttering your home
  • Find clothing that’s original rather than choosing from an endless row of clothes that are the same
  • If you love it and it fits, it has that meant-to-be magic
  • Goodwill provides job training, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who have a disability, lack education or job experience, or face employment challenges; all funded by your purchase at Goodwill

And book-ending this post with a tie-in to John Irving’s newest novel In One Person, in 2010 Goodwill opened a store specifically designed to hire employees who are transgender and gender-queer in San Francisco, CA.

Yes, Pink Shirt Day should be every day and Goodwill is helping make that happen.

I bought this gown on my last visit to Goodwill

Community of Character - Goodwill - Who Is NOBODY?Here’s a picture of my latest find that was a whopping $15:

Wish I found this gown before our annual Oscar Gala. Maybe I’ll wear it next time I have a huge pile of dishes to wash and can benefit from clothing without sleeves. Make the ordinary extraordinary!

We need to teach children to value things regardless of where they’re from.

In researching this post I came across this cool ebay-esque site of items for sale. The proceeds go to Goodwill.


Change starts with kids.

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