Pink Shirt Day - Who Is NOBODY?

We have progressed in so many ways…

  • Our grocery stores are stocked with food from all over the world
  • Along with snail mail we have email and skype so we can keep up with people in real time
  • If Terry Fox was diagnosed with the same type of cancer today, the treatments we have would save him (perhaps because of all the awareness and donations he’s inspired!)

Who is NOBODY? - Special Edition - Full KitYet sadly, the age-old issue of bullying remains universal.

It only takes 10 seconds

The fact bullying is so prevalent in schools, workplaces and every other group that exists is frustrating. Especially when it’s preventable. Did you know:

Bullying generally stops in less than 10 seconds when peers intervene on behalf of the victim.
– Study from York University

Have you heard of Pink Shirt Day?

Pink Shirt Day is about courage, initiative and responsibility among every other character trait, because when you’re kind you exercise every value and virtue. Pink shirt day began when David Shepherd and Travis Price, two Canadian high school students from Nova Scotia, bought and distributed 50 pink shirts. Why? Because a student at their school was bullied for wearing a pink shirt.

Pink Shirt Day made waves across the county and inspired us to create a pink NOBODY!

Pink Shirt Day - Who Is NOBODY?

Who Is NOBODY? Pink Edition

When students participate in Who Is NOBODY?/Qui est PERSONNE? (Pink or Blue!) or Who Is GREEN? they are standing up and helping another living thing. While most participants see these programs as community outreach initiatives and service learning that applies the curriculum to real-life experiences, the Pink Edition of Who Is NOBODY? was created to draw attention to another important focus of these programs. It gives students:

A first hand experience in how easy it is to NOT be a bystander.

When students choose a project that helps people, animals or the environment, they learn to stand up for something they believe in. Additionally, students are always surprised at how easy and fun it is to help others. Best of all, students who participate in Who Is NOBODY? always report how great it feels to make a difference.

This positive, first-hand experience makes people more likely to stand up for other living things, rather than be a bystander.

Learn more about the Who Is NOBODY? Pink Edition here.

And remember… it only takes 10 seconds.

Happy Pink Shirt Day!

Change starts with kids.

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