Roméo Dallaire PS - Durham District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

The Grade 3 class in Roméo Dallaire Public School, part of the Durham District School Board have been using the Who Is NOBODY? program as part of their curriculum.

For one of their projects, they sponsored a child in Colombia, South America, through World Vision. Read below to see how NOBODY got on at Roméo Dallaire Public School.

Our “Nobody” project involves sponsoring a child in Colombia, South America, through World Vision. Her name is Yuri and she is 9 years old. We send some money each month, which not only helps Yuri and her family, but their community as well.

We also write letters to Yuri and send little gifts, such as school supplies and small toys for her and her brother. This month we sent them each a Canada t-shirt. So we decided to give Nobody a Canada t-shirt too. We are always excited to receive the letters Yuri sends back every few months. She is learning about Canada, and we are learning about Colombia.

We specifically asked to sponsor a child from Colombia because both of my children were adopted from Colombia. So not only does my family have a chance to help those less fortunate than ourselves, we also have a personal connection.

This article was published on the Roméo Dallaire Public School Website on March 2009