John Dryden PS - Durham District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

Eamon Stocks, a grade 2 student at John Dryden Public School in Whitby (Durham District School Board) collected sports equipment for his Who Is NOBODY? project.

Read below to see how NOBODY got on at Durham Attacks Volleyball Club.

Project “Who is Nobody” is a community based-initiative designed to give students the opportunity to help others in their community.

Eamon Stocks is a 7 year old grade 2 student at John Dryden Public School in Whitby.

Eamon decided to collect sports equipment for our Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, when his uncle, Corporal Cameron Bennett (who just recently returned from serving in Afghanistan), told him that the soldiers there needed fun things to help keep them occupied when they were not working.

Eamon came to Durham Attack for help, and we donated three volleyballs for his project. Eamon has collected enough sports equipment to fill four hockey bags!

With the support of Canada Post Eamon will be shipping this equipment to our troops in Afghanistan. Our balls will soon be in use on the sand courts at Kandahar.

Way to go Eamon!

This article was published on the Durham Attacks Volleyball Club Website on November 2010