Newstalk CKTB 610 - Who Is NOBODY?

Teachers are able to learn a lot about the students and their families through their Who Is NOBODY? Project— News Talk 610

Who Is NOBODY?™ is highlighted on Newstalk CKTB 610 (Runs 6:35)

Featuring: Kelly Clark – Director Who Is NOBODY?™ Project.

Students learn that NOBODY is open to learn anything positive from EVERYBODY it meets. That’s how EVERYBODY helps NOBODY become SOMEBODY over the course of the school year.

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By following 5 easy steps students build personal projects. They may decide to help a relative who is ill, something that needs their help locally or an issue that is current in the news, like a flood or hurricane.

Students help people, animals or the environment and then put 3D attachments on NOBODY. These objects impart characteristics or qualities onto NOBODY that imprints their personality.

Who Is NOBODY? allows everyone to contribute in a unique way. At the end, NOBODY becomes a collage of everyone’s unique strengths.

One class NOBODY touches 100’s of lives. Some projects are simply planting an apple seed to give to a neighbour while others have been a full campaign that brings awareness against drinking and driving.

Teachers have fun with the program because it takes no more time than show and tell. Every year their NOBODY is completely different because their students are different. Teachers are able to learn a lot about the students and their families through their Who Is NOBODY? Project.

Who Is NOBODY? also gives students the chance to put the curriculum into action in a unique way.

There’s so much pressure for kids to fit in and it’s easy to get caught up in superficial things. Who Is NOBODY? gives kids direction on how to fit in by sharing what makes them different, rather than trying to be the same as everyone else. Who Is NOBODY? gets kids to focus on their interests. At the end of the day that is who we are. Our interests lead us to our friends, hobbies and our career goals.

The program is really easy to use. Simply “press play” on the DVD and learn with students.

It took 5 years to develop because the feedback from teachers was key in simplifying the program. For examples there are posters vs. teachers needing to make 25 photo copies of each hand out. The DVD replaces what would be a costly and time-consuming workshop.

The impact of the program is captured via NOBODY turned SOMEBODY and the class scrapbook that is full of stories, pictures and photos. But Who Is NOBODY? also keeps track of student projects. Teachers or students visit the Who Is NOBODY? site and catalogue their projects through an easy form and in return each student gets a bracelet that says: I’M SOMEBODY.

Bracelets allow the projects to live on after the program is complete. When people say “What’s your bracelet for?” Students can talk about their interests and how they used them.

At the time of this recording, over 25 000 students have completed over 25 000 projects that impact 100’s of organizations and causes.

This was aired on Newstalk CKTB 610 on January 15th 2010