St Stephens Secondary School - Peterborough VNC Catholic District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

The Who is Nobody character education program was donated to St Stephen’s Secondary School in the Peterborough VNC Catholic District School Board by the Rotary club of Bowmanville.

Read below to see how NOBODY got on at St Stephen’s Secondary School.

Ms Gribben’s grade 9 Religion class successfully completed the ‘Who is Nobody” project created by Kelly Clark and donated to St Stephen’s
Secondary School by the Rotary club of Bowmanville. Ms Gribben’s class
participated in this project as part of their culminating activity for their grade 9 Religion course. The ‘Who is Nobody” project is a character building exercise.

Furthermore, it provided students with an opportunity to start acquiring valuable community service hours, required as a prerequisite for every high school Student’s graduation.

The ‘Who is Nobody” project is a tangible program accompanied by a ‘Who is Nobody” doll and products that give your class a goal and make character building concrete. Students complete valuable community service hours, working on a voluntary basis to benefit people, animals or the environment, either locally, nationally or internationally by donating time, materials or funds.

Students collected a three dimensional object that represented their voluntary work experience, service or contribution. This three dimensional object was then attached to the “Nobody doll”, turning “Nobody” into “Somebody”. Everyone’s contribution to this project promoted a higher level of awareness. Each student reflected, shared and celebrated, individually and collectively their learning experience by documenting and illustrating their involvement in the “Nobody to Somebody”, character in action project.

This project afforded opportunities for peer role-modeling, celebrating diversity and inspiring more character-building. In addition students gained valuable insight and experience into possible career opportunities.

Overall this was an excellent experience for all involved.

This article was published in the The Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board Newsletter newsletter in March 2008