… who use their interests to inspire others to reach their goals.

I get most of my mail, news and entertainment on line through email, virtual news outlets, like the BBC and blogs. But there’s something about picking up a magazine and flipping through it that can never be replaced electronically.

When the Ontario College of Teacher’s Spring Issue of Professionally Speaking arrived this week, I did a flip-through to see what was inside.

What is the foundation of any relationship?

Without hesitation, my finger put the brakes on, when I saw Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir; Canada’s Figure Skating Olympic Gold Medalists. I always get recharged reading anything about anyone who is at the top of their game but I also fell in love with this pair, on and off the ice, during the past winter Olympics.

Scott hugs his brothers after winning Gold!

Scott hugs his brothers after winning Gold!

Whatever rumours whirl around them, there is no denying they have the most amazing foundation for any friendship; a deep respect for each other. Additionally they have a record-breaking win, steady sense of humour (Scott told Tessa they didn’t win gold as their scores were announced!) and passionate personalities. Was there a dry eye in the house when Scott leapt into the air to be caught by his older brothers after hearing his gold medal results?

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

Tessa realizes Scott was joking!

Romantic or not, I love this duo! So I was excited to read this article; one about athletes on podiums rather than celebrities on pedestals. Be careful who your heroes are!

What makes Tessa Virtue successful?

Tessa is the most mature, focused and determined person I've ever met— Daniella Czudner, teacher
The article begins by highlighting Tessa’s remarkable teachers, who unearth the secret to Virtue’s success. Her Grade 9 teacher, Harry Kemperman, OCT, describes her as driven and incredibly organized. Tessa’s Grade 11 English Teacher Daniella Czudner, OCT, stated that Tessa is “the most mature, focused and determined person I’ve ever met”.

But I think the biggest testament to all involved is that Tessa remains friends with her teachers to this day, with regular correspondence.

What educational experiences affected Scott Moir?

Some facts shared by Scott Moir and his teachers, Paul Marshman and Gary Groulx, OCT, include:

  • The academic achievement he is most proud of is his Grade 8 Math Award
  • Scott came to love music because his teacher found a window into that world. He brought some context to his music class by covering the history of rock and roll, in particular, The Kinks.
  • Moir gave Groulx a book of motivational sayings that he continues to use

Every week I put one of them on the whiteboard (to inspire my students) …

Teachers can open new worlds for their students

It’s so great to hear that a Canadian kid born in ’87 can appreciate an English Band from the ’60’s – all because of a teacher who shared his passion and made an introduction.

I first heard The Kinks while I was in London, England for Teacher’s College. A friend of mine—and all friends are teachers, who I’ve now been partners with for almost 20 years, gave me a copy of the song Waterloo Sunset. Any Friday we could, we made a point of standing in the place the song describes.

Teachers and students can learn from each other

After winning gold in 2010 Scott returned to his school to share his experience. It had only been a few years since Scott was in their shoes, dreaming big while doing the daily grind. Having Moir return to his roots helped to make their goals feel real.

The article describes the ideal relationship between teacher and student; how each can inspire the other.

For more information on Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s Remarkable Teachers visit Remarkable Teachers in the Professionally Speaking Magazine.

Change starts with kids.

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