St Mark the Evangelist - Durham Catholic District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

Amazing Class of the Week!

Students are very excited to take nobody home— Annie McGouran, teacher

School of the Week Teacher: Lisa True (vice Principal), Debbie Cauley and Annie McGouran

Grade: Grade 4

School: St Mark the Evangelist CS

School Board: Durham Catholic District School Board

1. How did you hear about the program?

Lisa True: I heard about the program through a presentation at the Faculty of Education at York U. Then I shared it with my staff. We thought it would be really good for one of our Grade 4 classrooms.

2. Why did you decide to participate?

Lisa True: We decided to participate because the theme around this program and the learning/sharing that would happen would support the development of safe and healthy relationships among the students in that particular class.

3. What is the biggest impact/change in your class ?

Annie McGouran: Biggest impact – Students are more aware of the fact that other children their age don’t have some of the basics like clothing, food…

4. What is the biggest impact/change in one of your students and please share an example of one student’s project?

Annie McGouran: Students are very excited to take nobody home and have told other students about him. They feel like he is part of our classroom! The students are very caring towards Nobody and are enjoying their time with him!

5. Example of one student’s project:

Annie McGouran: One student and his family (Bronson in the picture), donated food to the Food Bank at Metro because they felt no child should go hungry.

*See photo – he put a smile on Nobody!


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Have you or your child participated in Who Is NOBODY? What project did he or she do? Please leave a sentence in the comment section below or upload a photo here to inspire others!