English Language Learners - York Region District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?

The Who is Nobody character education program is recommended to English Language Learners in the York Region District School Board, as a way to make teaching English as a second language to students.

Our Voices Towards Shared Understandings English Language Learners (ELL) Newsletter

Elementary Edition: May/June 2009

Curriculum and Instructional Services supports system and school planning in order to implement the Literacy priority using a multi-faceted approach to achieve increased students’ literacy achievement by:

  • using assessment data for instruction and selection of resources;
  • building teacher and administrator capacity in literacy instruction; and
  • establishing sustainable, collaborative professional learning communities within schools and among schools across the district.

Seven Practices for Effective Learning

Who is ‘Mr. Nobody’?

When students have real and personal literacy experiences their motivation for reading and writing grows exponentially … their Who Is NOBODY? Project was a real experience … it was something they were personally involved with and that’s why their writing was so powerful.— Lynne Malandrino, Principal
Who Is NOBODY? is a group-based program that builds on EVERYBODY’s unique strengths! Participants follow simple steps that support them in discovering their interests and using them to help a person, animal or the environment.

Each student reflects, documents, shares and celebrates their experiences in a class scrapbook and by adding a 3D attachment to ‘NOBODY’ (a characterless, blue denim doll) who becomes SOMEBODY that reflects EVERYBODY’s character-in-action!

Projects range from planting an apple seed for an elderly neighbour to collecting old blankets school-wide for the Humane Society to creating awareness against drinking and driving.
English Language Learners - York Region District School Board - Who Is NOBODY?
The program is self-running and after 3 short DVD lessons played DIRECTLY to students. Who Is NOBODY? has a cross-curricular focus for: Gr. 1 – 12, Special Needs to Gifted, Inner-City to Rural and ELL Students. Many kits have been donated by generous Rotary Clubs: www.whoisnobody.com

***For a FREE Overview DVD please email: info@whoisnobody.com or come to our Who Is NOBODY? launch June 2nd at Bur Oak SS Room 2013

This article was published in the York Region District School Board – English Language Learners Newsletter in May 2009